Have you tried our new squeeze, Bin Buddy Citrus Spray? We are not going to go all sour on you if you haven’t, but it isn’t just us who are saying it’s the zest!

Mrs Hinch has added it to her Hinch Haul & Jamie has ‘Bin’ raving about us on Amazon…

“Smells amazing and does what it says on the box. I was worried it would just mask the smell rather than eliminate it, however I am pleased to say it eliminates the nasty smell. Amazing value and so much cheaper than paying a bin cleaning company. Very simple to use and worth every penny. Will be buying again.”

Smelly bins are something we all want to avoid, and we know that 2020 is the year of the staycation, so we’re bringing a bit of Summer freshness to your bins! 2020 is the year of being Summer BIN ready!

As a result of the people staying home recently BBQ & at-home eating & entertaining has become even more of the UK’s No.1 summer home leisure activity, with 3 out of 4 households now owning a Barbie and pretty much everyone who can, regularly BBQ’ing! In fact, the UK we are the biggest BBQ’ing lovers in Europe with 137 million BBQ’s in 2019 alone (that’s a loooot of sausages).  This means the amount of us seeing ourselves as Barbeque connoisseurs has seen an increase too!

So when you opt to host the family BBQ and it has to move inside because of an unexpected downpour and the garden furniture gathers dust once again, you are left with the clean- up (Eurgh), including an abundance of chicken bones, half gnawed corn on the cobs and the remaining sauce from your sticky ribs hanging out the bin, keep the area fly free and zesty fresh with just with a couple sprays – easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Our Citrus spray can be used in your indoor or outdoor bins to clean the inside and out, helping to protect and keep your bin and surrounding areas smelling fresh!

You can buy Citrus Spray from B&M, or if you don’t want to wait in lime you can order online on Amazon. However, If you’re not feeling very fruity, we also have Floral Frangipani to choose from!