Great reviews from real mums for Nappy Bin Buddy!

5.0 out of 5 stars, 16 February 2019

“The bottles were well packaged to prevent damage in the post. I was surprised to receive the amount I did; I wasn’t expecting a box full.The design is bright and informative without being too over the top. I like the name Bin Buddy, straightforward and simple. The concept is a very good one, spray into the bin/nappy sack to eliminate the smell odours associated with changing time. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. They were simple and direct. Very easy to use, just take the lid off, point and spray. No messing around with seals or triggers, just a simple spray bottle. It worked very well at getting rid of some of the smellier nappy changes. Especially when spraying directly into the nappy sack before the nappy was placed inside. It is a lovely smell, I used it to spritz around the room where the bin is kept too. I used this for every nappy change that was done at home. I also used it on the kitchen bin and it was brilliant at tackling those horrible odours that can occur. The concept is brilliant and the product works. It is definitely brilliant quality and the aroma is gorgeous. I believe it does offer good value, the product price is perfect and the product does exactly what it is designed to. I loved the scent, lovely and fresh. Once mine are empty I will definitely be purchasing more! I have recommended it to my sister who has a young baby. It’s a very good product. Brilliant product does exactly as advertised and smells amazing. This product was brilliant and neutralising those awful smells at changing time, both in the bin and in the nappy sack. The product was also very good on general waste in the kitchen bin and helped to eliminate those odours between bin empties.”

– Abby Cole – Hudson 1 Year

4.5 out of 5 stars, 16 February 2019

“I thought it looked good. Well packaged, good branding, neat design and looked easy to use! I really liked the design of the bottle. The colourful logo on the white bottle was simple but effective, and looked really eye-catching. Modern but still with all the info needed to use it. I loved it. I use a mixture of cloth nappies and disposable and it worked for both. I think there is a market for this product and I hadn’t seen anything like it before. They have made it so easy to use which is perfect for busy mum’s and dads! Instructions were simple, clear, and easy to read and understand. Short and to the point which I loved. Nothing complicated but a nice simple product. Very easy to use, just spray and the jobs done. No mess, no cleaning up – just spray and go! I think it was effective! I definitely noticed a difference in the disposable nappy bin and also the cloth nappy bin. The aroma was good. Not too powerful but just enough to mask the other nasty smells. You don’t want anything too strong; especially in a baby nursery and thought it was just right. I sprayed the bins once a day – usually at the end once I had added a day’s dirty nappies in! Made it smell nicer for baby to sleep in all night with no nasty odours. I just used this in the nursery but I guess you could use the same concept for kitchen bins/smells. The quality was good. Does exactly what it says, no problems. The one I am using seems to be lasting quite a long time, which is good. Maybe in the long run, it could be slightly cheaper but on the overall market, I think it is good value. I liked the bright branding and how easy it is to use. I think I would buy his – especially if it’s available on Amazon so quick and easy to order. I haven’t seen many other products like this available to buy! I would recommend- everyone wants to mask nasty smells from nappies, and this product does just that, so definitely would recommend to new mum’s, especially those that use a nappy bin system. I liked it, easy to use. Maybe in time, they could do a couple of different smells you could choose from to suit your liking and maybe if it was only like 50p cheaper, that might be a bit kinder on parent’s wallets! This is a great product and I think much needed for anyone with nappy bins – it’s great as works for both disposable and cloth nappies. Really easy to use, smells good and looks good. Had no problem with the packaging and the spray top works well. It looks good and modern, not too big to store but is a great companion with a nappy bin.”