New Citrus Spray brings another BizzieBaby success for Bin Buddy! We are always pleased to received consumer recognition for our products, and our Citrus Spray is the latest in line for this honour after being named Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 in Household Cleaning.

Its great to see how well received the new Bin Buddy Citrus Spray has been by BizzieBaby reviewers, especially considering how new it is to the market and how it differs from other products in the Bin Buddy range and not being in the traditional white wheelie bin tub. However, these positive consumer reviews should bode well for the product is which is now exclusively available online via Amazon.

We value all consumer feedback and it is safe to say that the Citrus Spray has been very well received by BizzieBaby consumer reviewers and it is another Bin Buddy product success story, and really works.

Natasha McIntyre – Children 13 months and 7 Years “I saw a massive improvement in the smell of my kitchen bin, weirdly it was actually quite nice to open the bin and get a fresh citrus waft”.
“The spray itself is a good consistency and comes out bubbly and thick. The smell is clean and fresh and lasts a while. I’m really impressed.”

Its brilliant that Bin Buddy Citrus Spray is a product that really works in consumers eyes and ‘Does What it Says on the Bin’ by removing bad smells and leaving bins smelling fresh and clean.
Its also great that the product is being trialled and used in all sorts of different bins, from the traditional kitchen bin, to nappy bins and bathroom bins.

“Best of all I used it on my son’s nappy bin”, “Also fab on bathroom bins which, while not holding smelly rubbish, it was still nice to have them smelling fresh”.

All of our Bin Buddy products are designed to make life easier for everyday people and to ensure that when making use of a bin within the home, they are not greeted by unpleasant or unbearable smells.
An important aspect of making this achievable is making sure that Bin Buddy products are simple to use, easily understandable and effective at all times, so it pleasing to hear that Bizzie Baby reviews find the Bin Buddy Citrus Spray easy to use. Nicola Kelly – Alfie 8 Years “This is so easy to use”, Julia Roye – Kanan 13 months “Instructions are very straightforward and simple to follow. Very easy to use and practical twist spray nozzle”.

The instructions and bottle are designed to be as user friendly as possible as you simply spray directly onto rubbish to deodorise and fragrance your bin, or spray onto all bin surfaces, leave for 20 seconds then wipe off with a damp cloth or paper towel.

We are overwhelmed with the response we have received from Bizzie Baby consumer reviewers and our Bin Buddy Citrus Spray definitely “Keeps Bin Fresh & Clean for Days!”.

Try out the new Bin Buddy Citrus Spray for yourself, available online from Amazon or from your local Yorkshire Trading company and Homecare Essentials.