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Fresh and Clean
At Bin Buddy our mission is the rid the world of smelly bins and leave every bin in every home smelling better and fresher than before!
 Our sprays and powders are the only odour eliminating duo you need for bin cleanliness! Whether it’s a berry blast or a citrus zing we will leave your bin smelling fresh and clean for days.

Freshening bins all over the world

Bin Buddy is used all over the world from Melbourne to Montrose, from Auckland to Atlanta. We exist to help you sit back relax and smell the roses, not the contents of your bin.Our products keep bins fresh and clean for days, eliminating smells, battling insects and soaking up mess. Used as required, Bin Buddy will reduce the frequency of use of bin bags and reduce the number of trips to the curb to dispatch your rubbish.

Part of the Challs family

We make Buster drain unblocker too!

At our brand-new environmentally-friendly headquarters in Suffolk, UK, where we harvest rainwater and utilise natural sunlight, we are constantly developing new ways to clean, protect and maintain everyday technology.Bin Buddy is manufactured in the UK and is owned by Challs International, a family-run global company with a mission to change the way we all clean.We at Challs International are cruelty-free and do not test on animals. We also do not endorse, request, or commission any animal testing by other people on our behalf.

What our customers say

Making smelly bins a thing of the past

"Amazing. The scent lasts a long time."
Holly Tranter
Wheelie good stuff
"Wheelie good stuff."
Orange & Lemongrass
Festive scent ready for Christmas
"Festive scent ready for Christmas. Pleased with scent. I’ll buy this again."
This is by far the best
"Have tried several but this is by far the best."
Ms J.C. Leonard
Orange & Lemongrass
Nice smell
"Nice smell. Stops the bins from whiffing."
Bin buddy fan!
"Bin buddy fan! It smells super festive and fresh."
Georgia Roden
Nice fragrances
"Nice fragrances. I would recommend it. Lovely fragrance."
Amazon Customer
Great smell
"Great smell, nice and easy to use keep it near the bin."
Orange & Lemongrass
Good Stuff
"Good Stuff. Does what it says it will. Nice fragrance"
Mandy James
Great product
"Great product, makes the bin smell lovely."
Orange & Lemongrass

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Bin Buddy keeps bins fresh and clean for days

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